Project Coordination

Duries consider successful project co-ordination to be the delivery of the planning control and timing of a project, from its start to finish and which meets the clients’ aspirations finished on time and within budget.

Duries will deliver for clients a plan tailored to meet their requirements

Our aim is quality of finish through innovative thinking with prompt delivery providing a seamless service to our clients. Keeping projects on target involve the following matters:

Help to deliver within budget

-we understand the challenges when it comes to properties, whether that be development or ____ the challenges of staying on budget. We ……

Identify and manage risk

Detailed Project Execution Plan

Identify the roles and responsibilities of all consultants and contractors

-Over the years we have learnt to work with the most reliable consultants and contractors who are able to help effectively.

Control, monitor and manage

-it is often helpful with large and small projects to have a helping hand throughout to rest assured you receive the best guidance from an experienced professional.

Report and recommend