Intergenerational Housing – The 21st Century Alms House

In Bristol, we are currently working on a new concept to deliver much needed housing for both, the old and young. The housing project will be based on the concept of a building complex in Alicante, Spain, which is in fact a really good Covid-19 story.

The Spanish complex, primarily of older people (who live in close proximity to each other) which has so far escaped Covid 19.  The complex houses 90.

I have had the privilege of visiting this intergenerational housing complex in Alicante Spain, recently with others in March just before lockdown. In this project young people support older people on their landing for reduced rent.  It is a highly successful formula with a ratio of 1 young person to 4 older people. The complex houses 90.  They have no cases of Covid 19 why?

The article explains:

1) They closed a week before everyone else as they could see that the virus was a problem for older people.

2) The communal areas were shut straight away

3)   One younger person was chosen to take care of the residents on each floor to reduce contact as much as possible.

4) The young people do the shopping for their older neighbours.

The Anchor Society and others we are working with are striving to create one of these in Bristol.